PT8236 - Double Sleepout

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PT8236 - Double SleepoutPT7242 - Sleepout with Living areaDouble Sleepout - PT8236Sleepout with Living Area - PT7242

As of August 2020, single story detached buildings up to 30m2 no longer require a building consent. Enquire with us today about designing your 30m2 cabin.

The new exemptions increase the size of a single-storey detached building that can be constructed without a consent, cutting down on time and costs associated with building your unit.

There are aspects of a build not included in this exemption, and if included in your designs, will still require a building consent. They include:

  • Kitchen and bathroom facilities
  • Any plumbing work to a new or current building
  • Any electrical work will still have to be carried out by a registered electrician

Options for building under this exemption are:

  • Kitset or prefab buildings with a maximum floor area of 30 square metres where a manufacturer or supplier has had the design carried out or reviewed by a Chartered Professional Engineer. Product manufacturers who would like to sell kit sets must engage a chartered professional engineer to sign off on a repeatable kit set design.
  • Buildings with a maximum floor area of 30 square metres where a Licensed Building Practitioner is to carry out or supervise design and construction.
  • Buildings with a maximum floor area of 30 square metres can be built by a non-professional, where only lightweight materials with structural components built in accordance to Building Code compliance B1/AS1 are used.

To read more about the legislation and what it means for you, visit Building.govt.nz