Request a Design

Cabins & Baches NZ will quickly provide a Floor Plan and accurately price your specific design.

Fill out the request form ensuring details are entered, and we will forward a free, no-obligation estimate for:

  1. Design Pack including Building Consent drawings and specifications where required
  2. Materials locally supplied for lockup shell and lining kit. Materials are priced for supply in two ways

MS - Merchant Supply
Ideal for competent licensed builders. Includes CBNZ's unique Plan Pack with full manufacturing drawings and assembly schematics.
It also includes organising best material quotations for all materials delivered to site.

BK - Builders Supply
Ideal for licensed builders wishing to save time on site. Includes pre-cut and pre-nailed roof and wall framing, manufacturing drawings and assembly schematics for roofing, cladding, joinery.
All materials including lining and units, delivered to site.

DYO design your own cabins New Zealand
Door and Window options

French door:

F1 H 2000 W 1200

F2 H 2000 W 1550

Ranch Slider:

R1 H 2000 W 1800

Opening Windows:

W1 H 400 W 1200

W2 H 800 W 600

Corner Window:

Only for metro

CW H 2000 W 400x400