Do You need a Building Consent?

Most new residential building work does require a Local Authority Building Consent.

There are some exceptions that relate to Cabins and Baches NZ buildings

Buildings under 10m² subject to:

  1. No more than one storey high
  2. Floor no more than 1 metre above ground
  3. Roof height no more than 3.5 metres above floor height
  4. Have no sanitary or potable water storage facilities
  5. Have no cooking facilities
  6. Are they own height away from any residence or legal boundary - see Planning
  7. Are not used for sleeping accommodation unless in connection with another dwelling.

Verandas subject to:

  • Attached to an existing building
  • No larger than 20m²
  • On ground or first storey level

Carports subject to:

  • Attached to existing building
  • No larger than 20m²

Decks subject to:

  • No higher than 1.5m off ground

Full details of all excluded building work is listed in: Schedule 1. of the NZ Building Act.

Note that Local Territorial Authorities have discretion to exempt or require Building Consents under the Act. If in doubt about any building activity consult the relevant Local Authorty Building Help desk.