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Terms of Sale
It is assumed customers to this site will be familiar with our Terms and Conditions of Sale.
- If you buy our products, you do so subject to our terms.

Product Listings do not represent a contract to supply by Cabins and Baches NZ. A Contract to Supply will be offered by Cabins and Baches NZ or its product supplier once a purchaser wishes to purchase.
When you want to buy, we'll give you a supply contract.

Listings Accuracy
All products are listed in good faith but Cabins and Baches NZ accepts no liability for ommissions or errors.
We do our best to be up to date and accurate but being human we're not perfect.

Cabins and Baches NZ accepts no liability to supply products at listed prices.
Any prices shown on this website are generally those based on Auckland manufacture and supply. Prices may differ for other regions throughout New Zealand.
Prices are accurate at time of listing and we do our best to keep them updated, however prices may vary from time to time due to material availability. All prices listed include GST unless otherwise stated.

Cabins and Baches NZ thas no responsibility to supply any listed product until a Contract for Supply is formed.
Sometimes we may not be able to supply some products, perhaps due to material supply.

Cabins and Baches NZ undertakes to not disclose any information collected from users of this site, to any other person or organisation for any purpose other than to assist in supplying information or material pertaining to users specific requirements.
We will only pass on your enquiries to our local agents so they can help you.

All designs and images on this site are owned by Cabins and Baches NZ or their suppliers. Unauthorised use of either could result in prosecution.
Some people have worked long and hard to make these things and they don't want to be ripped-off