Chalet Cabin

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Chalet CabinChalet CabinCT3627CT3230

The Chalet Loft cabin - CT-Series

Builders Kitset available from $15,200

The Chalet, with its loft nib wall, is a modern take on the traditional gable style cabin.
The increased loft height is ideal for sleeping or storage and makes the Chalet the ideal student sleepout or garden office.
Available with Zinclame, Coloursteel, Shadowclad Ply, Hardiplank weatherboard or Plywood and batten.

No Building Consent Required

If your cabin is under 10m² and with a maximum roof height under 3.5m, it is a suitable backyard addition, it will generally not require Building consent, which makes them the ideal option for an owner build.

Models available:

  •  CT3627: 3.6m x 2.7m - 9.72m² (Loft - 2.7 x 1.8m)
  •  CT3230: 3.2m x 3.0m - 9.60m² (Loft - 3.0 x 1.6m)

Floor plans and images are a representation only.

Other Sample Cabin Plans under 10m²
Other Sample Cabin Plans over 10m²

Available as Builder's Kitset.

Frame: 90mm H1.2 Radiata
Floor: 20mm P/Board, H3.2 joists 
Cladding: Plywood and Batten
Roof: Corrugate Zincalume
Doors: Aluminium French Door, 2.0m high x 1.2m wide

Aluminium Awning, 2 @ 0.4m high x 1.2m wide,

1 @ 0.8m high x 0.6m wide

Loft Floor: 20mm P/board


LINING KIT -  From $1,820

Includes: Insulation - Pinkbatts, Plasterboard linings to cabin, Pine trim, Fixings and Fastenings.
MDF and 9mm ply are optional alternatives.

FOUNDATION KIT - From $920 (Layout dependent)

Includes: Piles, Bearers and Fixings.

Doors: Change to slider or different sizes
Windows: Extra windows, different sizes
Floor: Treated plywood, underfloor insulation
Cladding: Coloursteel, Hardiplank W/board, Shadowclad 
Roof: Upgrade to Coloursteel
Deck: Sizes as required
NOTE: Prices may vary due to location requirements

Kits can be supplied two ways:

MS Merchant Supply
Ideal for competent builders. Includes CBNZ's unique Plan Pack with full manufacturing drawings and assembly instructions.
It also includes organising best material quotations for all materials delivered to site.

BK Builders Supply
Ideal for builders or experienced DIYers. Includes precut and pre-nailed floor and cabin framing, manufacturing drawings and assembly instructions for roofing, cladding, joinery.
All materials including linings, delivered to site.

Finance available through TMF